About Us

The Presbyterian Church in Harmony, founded in 1807, is a member of the Newton Presbytery, which is the regional expression of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Northwest New Jersey. Our church is not a structure of mere wood, stone, and mortar.

This is the House of God for the People of God.

We have expanded our fields of service as lifestyles have changed, but the fundamentals of Faith and Godly life remain the same. If you are new to our church, we hope this website will help you understand our church community and its programs. While some of our members are life-long Presbyterians, many more come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Eastern Orthodox, and others. Our congregation is enriched by the ideas, talents, and gifts our members bring from such diverse backgrounds.

Gladly do we welcome new members. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.